Clara Barby

Partner & Chief Executive, The Impact Management Project

Clara Barby, Partner & Chief Executive, The Impact Management Project

Clara is currently on secondment at the Impact Management Project (IMP), where she oversees strategic direction and leads its technical facilitation across a broad range of collaborating organisations.

Previously, she led Bridges’ sustainable and impact strategies across all fund types. Clara also led the firm’s research and development efforts to promote the growth of the wider sustainable and impact investment sector.

Prior to Bridges, Clara focused her career on investing in sustainable businesses – most recently on the management team of a healthcare chain in India, an Acumen portfolio company. Clara previously worked for Acumen’s Capital Markets team where she played a lead role in designing an innovative investment vehicle and later co-led the Acumen renewable energy portfolio. Clara grew up between the Bahamas, France and the UK. She has since lived and worked in Bogota, New York, Mumbai, Paris, Yangon and London.

Clara holds a BA (Hons) in Greats from Oxford University and an MBA from INSEAD.

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