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Shaw healthcare

Employee-owned care provider for the elderly

Investment Strategy

Long-Term Capital


Healthier Lives

Date of initial investment

November 2017

Bridges Executives

Scott Greenalgh


Care provision for the elderly is approaching crisis point in the UK due to funding pressures and the rapid growth in demand caused by an ageing population and rising life expectancy. The population of over-85-year-olds has increased by almost a third over the last decade to c. 1.5m, and is expected to double to c. 3.2m within the next 25 years – which will also increase the demand for dementia-related and other specialist care.

Investable Solution

Shaw healthcare is one of the UK’s leading providers of residential and nursing care for the elderly, helping to address the urgent under-supply of quality provision by providing high-quality, affordable residential and nursing care – plus domiciliary care and supported living services – for the elderly, including those with dementia and mental health issues. It is one of the ten largest employee-owned companies in the UK, with over 3,500 employees and revenues of more than £90m last year.

Operators in the care sector have long struggled with high staff turnover, which often has a detrimental effect on service quality. Shaw’s focus on increased engagement, employee benefits, high quality training and development opportunities aims to reduce staff turnover and improve the quality and consistency of care – which in turn can make Shaw a more attractive partner for health and social care commissioners.

Target Outcomes

Improve the immediate satisfaction, security and stability of residents and their families through the delivery of high-quality, consistent care. Shaw’s longer-term ambition is to inspire other care providers to adopt similar models of employee ownership and engagement.