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Greater Manchester Homes Partnership (GMHP)

Helping entrenched rough sleepers to secure and maintain accommodation in Greater Manchester

Investment Strategy

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Date of initial investment

November 2017

Bridges Executives

Andrew Levitt
Adam Kybird


The number of people sleeping rough in England has risen each year since 2010. A period of homelessness is a dangerous and isolating experience for anyone. Homeless people are around 17 times more likely to be the victim of violence, and are far more likely to experience bad health outcomes. There are many causes for homelessness: a lack of affordable housing, unemployment, unexpected life events, complex Local Authority support systems, and much more.

There was a 41% year-on-year rise in rough sleepers in Greater Manchester in 2016. During the last annual count (November 2016) there were 189 people found spending the night on the streets. Charities say the real numbers tend to be about three times those officially recorded.

Investable Solution

The Greater Manchester Homes Partnership (GMHP) is an innovative new programme designed to tackle homelessness in Greater Manchester. Structured as an outcomes contract, it will work with entrenched rough sleepers over a three-year period to get them off the streets and help them build a new life. The GMHP will provide rough sleepers with the intensive emotional and practical support they need to maintain successful tenancies, as well as help with addiction and other health issues, supporting them to access appropriate existing health, training and employment services.

The initiative has been launched and funded by One Manchester and Trafford Housing Trust, two of Greater Manchester’s largest housing providers, in conjunction with funding and support from the Bridges Social Impact Bond Fund. The programme is being delivered by three organisations with decades of experience working with rough sleepers: Shelter, Great Places and The Brick. GMHP has been commissioned on a payment-by-results basis by Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, via the Government’s Life Chances Fund.

GMHP is part of a wider strategy for tackling homelessness in the Greater Manchester region, which includes programmes designed to prevent people become homeless and to provide support quickly if they do become homeless.


The programme is designed to help ‘entrenched rough sleepers’ – i.e. individuals who have slept rough at least six times in the past two years and/or are well known to homelessness services – to make real and lasting changes. Our goal is to support 200 entrenched rough sleepers over the three-year duration of the programme, helping them to access appropriate accommodation as well as services they are already entitled to.