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GEV Wind Power

Supporting the transition to sustainable energy

Investment Strategy

Growth Business


Sustainable Planet

Date of initial investment

July 2019

Bridges Executives

James Hurrell
Daniel Knight


We must produce more energy from renewable sources to have any hope of reducing global carbon emissions in the coming years. The UK’s National Grid recently said 2019 will be the first year that fossil fuels account for less than half of the UK’s energy production – and with the cost of wind energy production now comparable to the cost of producing energy from fossil fuels, it is becoming an increasingly attractive option. As a result, the number of wind turbines is forecast to grow at c.8% per annum over the next five years.

Investable Solution

GEV provides high-value blade repair and maintenance services to wind farm manufacturers and operators in the UK, Europe and the US, operating both onshore and in complex offshore environments. Wind turbine blades are susceptible to erosion and weather damage, which affects aerodynamic efficiency and reduces their energy production (and can sometimes stop the turbine operating altogether). GEV specialises in providing expert technicians to repair blades, reducing downtime and maximising production. It has repaired over 3,000 turbines to date – and with turbines increasing in size and rotating faster, making them more prone to damage.


GEV has a vital role to play in supporting the growth and resilience of the renewable energy sector.