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Leader in fuel poverty, energy efficiency and low carbon services

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Date of initial investment

November 2019

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Scott Greenhalgh
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More than 10% of all households in the UK live in fuel poverty. There are 2.5m fuel poor households in England, a rise of 225k since 2014. The average fuel poverty gap (the amount needed to meet the fuel poverty threshold) was £321 in 2017. Continuously rising fuel costs, inefficient housing stock and rising household debt means that too many people are forced to make unacceptable choices between ‘heating or eating’. 

As part of the Government’s efforts to address this challenge, the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme requires licensed energy providers to reduce lifetime fuel bills for fuel poor households by over £8bn during the period 2018-2022, targeting the most vulnerable households first. 

Investable Solution

AgilityEco is a leading provider of fuel poverty, energy efficiency and low carbon services across the UK, helping to tackle the challenge of fuel poverty primarily via two Government-backed schemes. Firstly, AgilityEco helps energy providers to meet their obligations under the ECO scheme by arranging the installation of energy-efficiency measures such as better insulation and efficient boilers.

Secondly, AgilityEco works closely with over 150 Local Authorities to identify households eligible for the Warm Home Discount, a separate Government scheme for those in particular need. It has designed and operates a number of community-based programmes to provide fuel poverty and energy efficiency solutions to these households, including its award-winning Local Energy Advice Partnership (LEAP). 

Since its launch in 2013, AgilityEco has grown rapidly, supporting nearly 40,000 UK households in 2019 alone. And to have any hope of reaching Government 2030 fuel poverty reduction targets, there is a large and growing market for the solutions that AgilityEco provides.


Bridges works in partnership with AgilityEco to support the continued scaling of the business, helping more vulnerable households save on their energy costs, and in doing so, reducing the fuel poverty gap and helping more people out of fuel poverty. 

By introducing energy-efficiency measures in inefficient housing stock, AgilityEco will also contribute to a wider reduction in carbon emissions.