Stronger Communities

The benefits of economic progress are rarely distributed equally. We need to invest in supporting broader, fairer access to essential goods and services.

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Children born in the richest countries live 1.6x longer…

Stronger Communities / 02

…spend 5.7x longer at school….

Stronger Communities / 03

…and earn 172x more than children in poor countries

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In the UK, the richest 10% of households hold 44% of all household wealth

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In the UK’s poorest neighbourhoods, 33% of the population are income-deprived

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People in richer areas live longer, healthier lives

Bridges invests in solutions that improve access to quality goods, services and opportunities

Improving access to quality lower-cost housing

Access to good housing is fundamental to well-being: it can drive better outcomes in a range of areas, from health, to education, to employment. However, we have not been building enough new homes to house our growing population – creating a chronic shortage of decent and affordable housing in many areas of the country. Developing new housing and improving existing homes can help to address this challenge.

Supporting regeneration through commercial re-development

Communities that have suffered from chronic underinvestment can end up with a surfeit of derelict land or disused property, which can aggravate social, economic and environmental problems. Bringing these sites back into economic use, for instance by transforming them into industrial buildings or SME workspaces, can help to create jobs, improve the environment and revitalise the local economy.

Tackling fuel poverty through energy efficiency

More than 10% of all households in the UK live in fuel poverty; that’s more than 2.5m homes forced to make unacceptable choices between ‘heating or eating’. A key issue is that much of our existing building stock is not energy-efficient. By making these buildings more efficient, we can substantially reduce bills and cut fuel poverty, while also helping to achieve the UK’s ambitious emissions target.

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