Our funds work across the same four impact themes

We are thematic investors. Across all our strategies, we focus on four specific themes to help us source and select compelling investment opportunities. Closely aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, these themes reflect social and environmental mega-trends that are re-shaping our world.

Healthier Lives

Investing in solutions that improve physical and mental health and well-being

Within our Healthier Lives theme, our funds have invested in a range of solutions, from prevention through to treatment: building high-quality sustainable care homes for the elderly; helping people with long-term conditions manage their health more effectively; pioneering ‘hospital at home’ services to reduce the pressures on A&E departments; using community pharmacies to improve health outcomes in underserved areas; broadening access to affordable health and fitness facilities; and more.

Here’s how Impact Food Group is promoting healthy eating among school children throughout the UK.

Healthier Lives, Bridges Fund Management

Some of our impact to date:


Individuals provided with high-quality health & social care


Hours of care delivered


First time-gym users

Future Skills

Investing in solutions that boost skills and productivity, and strengthen pathways to employment

How do we create a workforce that is better equipped to respond to the ever-changing demands of the world of work? Our Future Skills goal has seen us invest in re-engaging disaffected young people with education, in encouraging more school leavers into vocational training, in up-skilling current workers via further qualifications, and more.

Here’s how Career Connect helped young people on Merseyside to improve their behaviour and exam results, and go on to enter employment.

Future Skills, Bridges Fund Management

Some of our impact to date:


Vulnerable young people helped to achieve better educational outcomes


Young children received day care


Students enrolled in after-school programmes

Sustainable Planet

Investing in the transition to a lower-carbon economy

Most Western countries need to take drastic action in order to meet their carbon emissions reduction targets. Across our funds, our Sustainable Planet investments are helping to accelerate this transition by diverting waste from landfill, promoting a more sustainable approach to food and farming, refurbishing buildings to make them more energy-efficient, promoting more efficient use of natural resources, and more.

Here’s how we made the Old Vinyl Factory one of the most sustainable residential buildings in the UK.

Sustainable Planet, Bridges Fund Management

Some of our impact to date:


Tonnes of CO2e averted


MWh of green energy supplied to the portfolio


Construction waste averted from landfill

Stronger Communities

Investing in solutions that increase access to opportunities and services

Since 2002, our Stronger Communities focus has led us to invest in businesses, property developments and social sector organisations that are seeking to create jobs, broaden opportunity and provide higher-quality, more accessible services in less affluent areas – from healthcare to low-cost fitness to vet care.

See how Just Ask is supporting the residents of Housing Associations through its ‘Better Places, Better Lives’ ethos.

Stronger Communities, Bridges Fund Management

Some of our impact to date:


Investments located in the 25% most deprived parts of the UK


Direct jobs supported across the portfolio


Young homeless people helped into accommodation