Patient, values-aligned capital for mission-led organisations

Bridges Evergreen Holdings is our specialist long-term capital vehicle.

It is a flexible long-term investment partner for mission-driven businesses and social sector organisations looking to scale over time.

Our financial, strategic and operational support helps them to grow faster and deliver greater impact.


Capital raised for mission-led enterprises


UK patient capital vehicle set up to support mission-led enterprises


Investments made to date

Our thesis

Social and other mission-led businesses have a vital role to play in tackling some of the big challenges we face as a society. But they often find it difficult to access the long-term funding and support they need to scale.

Through Bridges Evergreen Holdings, we provide patient capital and operational support to these enterprises.

We look to invest in ambitious, profitable organisations that have a strong social purpose, a clear competitive advantage and high growth potential – whether they’re profit-with-purpose companies, public sector spin-outs, social sector organisations or employee-owned businesses.

Bridges Fund Management

“We wanted to work with Bridges because they understood our sector, our ethos and our values – and they shared our focus on delivering the best possible outcomes for the young people in our care. Through Evergreen, they are able to provide the long-term support we need.”

What we look for  

  • ‘Take-social’ acquisitions of private businesses
  • Supporting employee-owned businesses, mutuals and spin-outs
  • Partnerships with social sector organisations

What we offer  

  • A permanent source of capital for mission-driven businesses, investing up to £10m (equity or debt; minority or majority)
  • Highly analytical approach that helps us to understand the key trends and growth opportunities in our markets
  • Strategic and operational support from an experienced team
  • Proven track record with a variety of high-growth, high-impact models
  • Best-in-class impact management and reporting via our specialist in-house team