Bridges Insights

Bridges Insights is our not-for-profit field-building arm. It works to build the market for sustainable and impact investing through proprietary research, knowledge-sharing and sector-wide collaborations.

Bridges Insights is currently hosting the Impact Management Project, an initiative that has brought together over 1,400 organisations from across the global value chain to agree on shared fundamentals for how we talk about, measure and manage impact.

The IMP has now moved into an even more ambitious phase: developing a set of shared principles, reporting standards and benchmarks for impact.

To achieve this, it has brought together nine of the world’s leading standard-setters into a Structured Network – an unprecedented collaboration of standard-setting organisations who are coordinating efforts to provide complete guidelines for impact measurement and management. This includes the United Nations Development Programme, Principles for Responsible Investment, International Finance Corporation, Global Steering Group for Impact Investment, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and more.

IMP timeline

Proprietary research & knowledge-sharing

We produce a small number of publications each year, on topics where we think we can help support the growth of sustainable and impact investing.

Previous examples include a case study of how Skopos Impact Fund developed its impact management framework; a look at the future for outcomes contracts in the UK; and an analysis of the investment case for B Corporations.

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